Ashish Amresh
Ashish Amresh directs the ASU Interactive Lab and is an Assistant Professor in Software Engineering and is leading the Computer Gaming curriculum initiatives at Arizona State University, where he founded the Computer Gaming Certificate, Camp Game and UTBC summer programs. In the past he worked for Ronin Entertainment as Graphics Software Engineer known for Star Wars: Force Commander and Bruce Lee Quest of the Dragon. He is the author of Unreal Game Development, a popular book used for teaching game development skills for high school students. He has given numerous talks on using games in the class room for enhancing math and science learning. He is currently researching the development of software tools to improve game based learning outcomes.

For questions about the lab and its research or if you would like to partner on a project, please contact via email: amresh at asu dot edu or via phone 480 727 1253.

Tyler Baron
Doctoral Student
Tyler Baron is a full time PhD student at Arizona State University in Arizona in the United States. He has completed his second year in the Simulation, Modeling and Cognitive Science PhD program there. His research interests are game based learning, serious games and educational game assessment.
Corey Heath
Doctoral Student
Corey is a PhD student studying software engineering, serious games, and educational applications. His research focuses on making educational technology more personalized and accessible, particularly for students with learning disabilities or attention disorders. Heis a member of the Alliance for Person-Centered Accessible Technologies (APAcT) IGERT fellowship and a student researcher in the Center for Ubiquitous Computing at Arizona State.
Husain Abis
Graduate Student
Hussain is a Graduate Student, pursuing a Master's degree in Software Engineering. Being into gaming, Hussain has directed his career goals towards the same. He has experience in building games using Unity And GameMaker Game Engines and is currently pursuing his research interest in developing a better and more efficient method for the Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion technique of rendering graphics, which could be used in games, movies, and other places employing animation. His other interests are football and reading.
Sreenivas Shenoy
Graduate Student
Sreenivas is currently pursuing MS in Computer Science under the supervision of Dr Ashish Amresh. His research topic is on compressing educational lecture videos through speech analysis and language processing. His main interests include Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Image Processing. Prior to joining ASU, he worked in Medical Image processing at Philips Medical Systems for 3 years. In his free time he spends time on experimental cooking, travelling and reading Quora.
Chenyang Li
Graduate Student
Chenyang is a masters students in computer science and is interested in the areas of Computer Graphics, Real-Time Rendering, Game Programming, Data Visualization and Web Development. He is currently researching ambient occlusion algorithms for web based applications
Mandar Patwardan
Graduate Student
Mandar is a software engineering graduate student with research interest in mHealth (mobile health) applications. Currently he is working on a research project which focuses on usability of the mHealth application and how it acts as a catalyst in solving a clinical problem.
Wasif Bokhari
Graduate Student
Wasif graduated from the accelerated masters in computer science 4+1 Program at Arizona State University and completed the following programs from the IRA Fulton School of Engineering. His research interests include Human Computer Interaction, Data Analytics and Application development using JavaScript Frameworks. He is currently working as an Application Developer at Intel Corporation for the past year.