A mobile app that helps promote the REACH protocol with children suffering from anxiety


In this game designed to teach women how to learn entrepreneurship skills, players try to open and run a small business aimed at selling various types of cakes. The game covers two topic areas of pricing a product and conducting marketing research

UAV heat-maps

In this project funded by the Science Foundation of Arizona and Alion Sciences Corporation, UAV sensor operators are immersed in threat detection game and real-time heat maps are generated to help improve training.

Environmental Science Gamescape

In partnership with Toolwire Inc., the lab developed a gamescape (game based simulations with real life actors) for helping students learn introductory concepts in environmental science.

Word Towers

In this word building game, players use the tower defense mechanic to build powerful towers by constructing complex words. Abilities to deconstruct towers and upgrading them with newer words makes for an enjoyable domain learning experience

<b>Fitbit Garden</b>

Fitbit Garden

In this mobile game, children and parents work together to keep a garden flourishing by making proper activity choices while achieving daily, weekly and monthly activity goals that are recorded by a Fitbit tracker.

Remote Interaction with WebGL

This project in partnership with the Decision Theater at ASU shows how to remotely control a 3D scene and collaborate with participants.